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Our services include…

Group Metabolic Workouts

The Group Metabolic workouts are part of our flagship program, which also includes body composition assessments, nutrition coaching, and grocery store tours.


If you want to learn the proper way to work your abs without dangerous and unproductive crunches and sit-ups, this workout is for you!

Personal Training

For customized results, you need a customized program!

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I didn’t set any major goals going in to this – in my head I just wanted to “look better”, and I can say that I accomplished that. I’ve seen results in my mid-section, chest, arms, legs and butt. More than that though, it compelled me to change my diet and to be more active generally.

I’ve tried other “boot camp” classes and was turned off because each time I went; there was a different trainer for every session. I felt like “just a body” there and didn’t feel like they even knew who I was.  Tony teaches every class of Transformations Fitness and gets to know each student on an individual level.

The atmosphere he’s created is welcoming and he gives you plenty of room to go at your own comfort level.

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Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Many people do not get sufficient sleep that their bodies need in order to function at an optimal level. So, what happens when you try to keep your body running without giving it the proper rest and fuel? Your health suffers both physically and emotionally, and the effects of this can pour over into your personal and professional life.

Steps to Making the Perfect Salad

While salads used to be an afterthought or a side dish, they are often now the main course of a meal. With the inclusion of fresh vegetables, nuts, and grains, you can fit all of the food groups into one dish and make a hearty salad that will suit your appetite until the next meal. Here are some salad suggestions and inspirations to help you create delicious and healthy salads throughout the week.

Small Weight Training Changes For Big Results

While you can go to the gym every day and spend hours weight training, if you aren’t doing it correctly, it can cost you some desired results. Strength training needs to be done in a very specific way, and even small changes such as properly breathing can have a negative impact on your results. Whether you are aiming to build strength, increase your muscle tone, or burn calories, here are some small changes will make a big difference.

The Importance of Stretching

In order to build healthy muscles, you must keep them flexible, properly fueled, and maintained. Muscle is built when tissues are broken down and repaired and redeveloped into new muscle. While building muscle is one thing, maintaining it is quite another.

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