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We have a new Partner Transformation Challenge beginning March 27th! For more info, CLICK HERE.

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Band Lateral Squats

Group Metabolic Workouts

The Group Metabolic workouts are part of our flagship program, which also includes body composition assessments, nutrition coaching, and grocery store tours.
Front Planks


If you want to learn the proper way to work your abs without dangerous and unproductive crunches and sit-ups, this workout is for you!
Personal Training 1

Personal Training

For customized results, you need a customized program!

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I didn’t set any major goals going in to this – in my head I just wanted to “look better”, and I can say that I accomplished that. I’ve seen results in my mid-section, chest, arms, legs and butt. More than that though, it compelled me to change my diet and to be more active generally.

Trina C.

I’ve tried other “boot camp” classes and was turned off because each time I went; there was a different trainer for every session. I felt like “just a body” there and didn’t feel like they even knew who I was.  Tony teaches every class of Transformations Fitness and gets to know each student on an individual level.


The atmosphere he’s created is welcoming and he gives you plenty of room to go at your own comfort level.

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Maintaining a Chemical Free Home

Because toxic chemicals are so prevalent in our society, maintaining a chemical free home may seem daunting. Modern life and modern products are so heavily filled with chemicals that they can be rather difficult to avoid. Here are some ways to keep your home free of harmful chemicals without completely shutting yourself and your family off from today’s society.

Grilling Can be Hazardous to Your Health: How to Grill in a Healthy Way

Whether it’s a holiday like the fourth of July or a family event like a reunion, summer is the perfect time for grilling outdoors. Some people grill throughout the year because they love the taste of grilled food. Unfortunately, there are studies and continuing research proving that grilled meat is one of the ways that people are letting chemicals that cause cancer into their bodies.

How Whey Protein Factors into Your Health

Whey protein is derived from the liquid material that is a by-product of cheese and milk production. Commonly marketed as a dietary supplement, whey protein has been boasting various health claims since as early as 420 B.C. Today, whey protein can be linked to several health benefits such as immune system support, weight control, and blood pressure maintenance.

The Importance of Strong Shoulders

The shoulder, one of the body’s ball and socket joints, is a complex joint that allows for motion of the arm. The extensive mobility of the shoulder, however, reduces its stability and increases its vulnerability to injury. Shoulder injuries are common and are often occurring in athletics or in other professions requiring constant, repetitive shoulder movement. It is important to keep shoulder muscles strong to help avoid injury.

The Importance of Hip Health

Hip health is important, as the hip flexors are the central folding point of the body, stabilizing the lower body, and giving range of motion to the upper body. A typical workout may not focus enough attention on the hips, making them prone to injury and weakness. Poor hip health may lead to other health problems such as pain throughout the body, as well as an increased chance of injury.

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