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Our services include…

Group Metabolic Workouts

The Group Metabolic workouts are part of our flagship program, which also includes body composition assessments, nutrition coaching, and grocery store tours.


If you want to learn the proper way to work your abs without dangerous and unproductive crunches and sit-ups, this workout is for you!

Personal Training

For customized results, you need a customized program!

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I didn’t set any major goals going in to this – in my head I just wanted to “look better”, and I can say that I accomplished that. I’ve seen results in my mid-section, chest, arms, legs and butt. More than that though, it compelled me to change my diet and to be more active generally.

I’ve tried other “boot camp” classes and was turned off because each time I went; there was a different trainer for every session. I felt like “just a body” there and didn’t feel like they even knew who I was.  Tony teaches every class of Transformations Fitness and gets to know each student on an individual level.

The atmosphere he’s created is welcoming and he gives you plenty of room to go at your own comfort level.

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The Dangers of Mass Produced Meat

In an effort for meat companies to reduce overhead and increase profits, they have developed large-scale animal farm factories that now make most of the meat that is sold in the U.S. today. These concentrated animal feeding operations have resulted in repercussions such as an increase in antibiotic-resistant diseases and a significant negative impact on the local water supply near these establishments due to the waste water runoff from the animals. These significant global issues cause concern with water quality and bacterial diseases that are resistant to antibiotics.

The Benefits of Growing Kale at Home

Kale is a popular superfood due to its richness in healthy fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It is low in calories and free from unhealthy fat, so it is a great source of healthy nutrition for the body. Studies have even suggested that kale can help lower your LDL cholesterol while raising your HDLs, which decreases your risk for cardiovascular disease. With all of its health benefits, it is no wonder why people are always looking for new ways to use kale.

How to Warm Up Your Joints to Prevent Injury

Your shoulders are made up of complicated and intricate joints that can easily be damaged while you are working out. Because shoulder injuries are so difficult to heal and certainly painful, you will want to warm up your shoulder joints before working out so you can avoid injuring them.

Muscle Soreness: Is It a Good Sign or a Bad Sign?

We have all experienced sore muscles after a workout, but is this something that should be considered pain or pleasure? While you may feel like having sore muscles is a sign that you completed a hard workout, you may find sore muscles to just literally be a pain. So, which is correct?

The Dangers of Pain Relievers

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used for pain relief in the U.S., both by prescription and over-the-counter. NSAIDs are often used to treat inflammation and pain and most people take these drugs believing they are safe. However, the side effects of NSAIDs can not only send someone to the hospital, but they can also be fatal.

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