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Band Lateral Squats

Group Metabolic Workouts

The Group Metabolic workouts are part of our flagship program, which also includes body composition assessments, nutrition coaching, and grocery store tours.
Front Planks


If you want to learn the proper way to work your abs without dangerous and unproductive crunches and sit-ups, this workout is for you!
Personal Training 1

Personal Training

For customized results, you need a customized program!

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I didn’t set any major goals going in to this – in my head I just wanted to “look better”, and I can say that I accomplished that. I’ve seen results in my mid-section, chest, arms, legs and butt. More than that though, it compelled me to change my diet and to be more active generally.

Trina C.

I’ve tried other “boot camp” classes and was turned off because each time I went; there was a different trainer for every session. I felt like “just a body” there and didn’t feel like they even knew who I was.  Tony teaches every class of Transformations Fitness and gets to know each student on an individual level.


The atmosphere he’s created is welcoming and he gives you plenty of room to go at your own comfort level.

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Relief From Shoulder Pain in the Gym

Shoulder injuries make up over a third of all major weight-room injuries because they are not limited to one body type. No matter one’s ability, the shoulder can be overworked or over-strained, resulting in injury. These injuries often take several months to recover from and often end up recurring with time.

How Physical Activity Benefits Children

Our bodies were designed to move and therefore need to be exercised in order to maintain proper health. Due to the increase of technology over the recent years, however, the activity levels of people have declined and life has become more sedentary. The excessive sitting of Americans increases the rate of heart disease, metabolic disease, and other secondary diseases. Unfortunately, this is beginning to affect our children as the rates in childhood obesity are on the rise as well. This is not only due to a sedentary lifestyle, but also poor food choices and lack of sleep.

Alcohol’s Role in Cancer

Obesity continues to be on the rise with almost one third of the American population suffering from obesity, costing the country over $147 billion annual in medical costs.
There are several causes to the rise in obesity rates including overeating, sedentary lifestyle, and even eating the wrong foods. For example, carbohydrates make the blood sugar have peaks and valleys, which leads to weight gain. Alcohol, being a carbohydrate, may lead to this as well, causing hunger more often. Alcohol has also been linked to several cancers.

Omega-3s and Heart Health

Whether it is due to lack of sleep, excess stress, or some unexplained reason, we all have off days sometimes. These are the days that you just want to sit at home and do not feel motivated to be productive or energetic. This is natural and everyone goes through high and low periods of motivation, with some days running very smoothly and others not going by so easily. Despite this, we are still expected to perform our duties at work or at home. Here are some tips to put some pep back in your step during your off days and find your motivation.

Maintaining a Chemical Free Home

Because toxic chemicals are so prevalent in our society, maintaining a chemical free home may seem daunting. Modern life and modern products are so heavily filled with chemicals that they can be rather difficult to avoid. Here are some ways to keep your home free of harmful chemicals without completely shutting yourself and your family off from today’s society.

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